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Should I Choose a Chlorine/Bromine or Saltwater Hot Tub?

by Ty Foreman 21 Mar 2023 0 Comments
Should I Choose a Chlorine/Bromine or Saltwater Hot Tub?

If you're like most people who either own a hot tub or are considering buying a hot tub, the idea of a saltwater sanitization system has crossed your mind. Some people think that a saltwater system is cleaner, or that it avoids the issues caused by harsh chemicals. However, the reality is that saltwater systems use standard hot tub chemicals as well, just in a different way. This leads us to this handy guide that we've put together to help you understand the differences. And if you're still unsure at the end of it, here is a quick summary of our recommendations:

  • Mineral Chlorine/Bromine (such as Mineraluxe): The most comfortable and easiest to maintain. Slightly more expensive than other methods.
  • Traditional Chlorine/Bromine: A popular hot tub sanitization system that has been around for a long time and is still very effective.
  • Saltwater System: Despite the name, it also uses chlorine and bromine and has a number of other issues. This system is rarely used and not recommended.

If you'd like more information about the Mineral Chlorine/Bromine system, then either reach out to us, or read up on Mineraluxe (our Mineral sanitizer solution) here.

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Hot Tub Chlorine/Bromine vs Saltwater InfographicMineral Chlorine/Bromine


The simplest maintenance system, tablets, cubes, granules are placed in the tub, floater and skimmer from pre-measured packages.


The addition of chlorine or bromine to your hot tub is fairly simple.


Chlorine and Bromine are effective sanitizers, even for heavily trafficked tubs.


Bromine has less of a scent than chlorine, and is less dependent on pH levels.


  • Easy on skin and hair
  • Healthy
  • Easy on equipment
  • Less use of sanitizer
  • Keeps tub and plumbing clean
  • Prepackaged


  • Can cause some foam when there is too much mineral in the water
  • More expensive than the traditional systems

Traditional Chlorine/Bromine


Is manually added to the hot tub in the form of tablets and granules placed in the tub and floater.


Bromine is simpler to maintain.


This traditional method is the choice of large families.

pH Control

pH balance should be maintained along with the levels of chlorine and bromine.


  • Cheaper
  • More control over the water chemistry
  • Still a great system to use


  • Harder to balance
  • Harsh chemical smells
  • Can be hard on skin and hair
  • Needs to be measured out

Saltwater System


A large amount of chlorine/bromine salt is added to your tub, then slowly converted into usable sanitizer by an electric salt generator.


The system often needs to be "shocked" with more chlorine.


Not very effective in hot tubs (vs pools) where there is less water and more people.


It's scent free, it feels smooth on your skin and keeps lungs clear and happy.


  • Maintains chlorine automatically
  • Produces a neutral pH


  • Not effective in tubs because it can't always keep up with demand
  • Corrodes equipment
  • Expensive
  • More maintenance required
  • Bad for environment
  • Can damage surroundings when the salty water isn't diluted

As always, if you have any questions or you're looking for recommendations, contact us and we'd be happy to help!

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