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Why Is My Water So Foamy?

by Ron Schellenberg 21 Mar 2023 0 Comments
Why Is My Water So Foamy?
A common question we get asked relates to bubbles or foam in the hot tub. Foam can be caused by a number of water balance issues but it can also be caused by detergents and cosmetics. Encourage everyone in your family to pick a swim suit for the hot tub that does not go through the laundry. Rinse it with clean running water in the sink, shower or tub and hang it to dry. This will not only prevent foaming but will also prolong the life of your suit. To troubleshoot foaming issues, bring a sample of your water in to our Water Technician at Backyard Leisure for a FREE computerized analysis.
For additional water care tips, check out our Water Care FAQ page here.
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