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Why Switch to Mineraluxe?

by Ty Foreman 08 Dec 2022 0 commentaires
Beachcomber Mineraluxe

Where To Start

You've heard the spiel, you've read the facts, and now you want to switch to Mineraluxe. But where do you begin? Though there can be a lot of details to pay attention to, here is a step-by-step list of what to do for the big switch to Mineraluxe: 

Deep Clean Your Hot Tub

  1. Prior to draining your tub, use Mineraluxe Cleanse & Drain to rid your surfaces of biofilm, grease, oil, etc. For the best effect, apply 24-48 hours before draining and activate the high-speed pumps intermittently through this time.
  2. Once your tub is drained, it's time to scrub down all accessible surfaces with Beachcomber Tub Clean. Remember to wipe down the underside of the cover.
  3. Grab your hot tub's filter cartridge and soak it in a mixture of hot water & Mineraluxe Filter Revive (follow label instructions).
  4. Refill your hot tub.

Balance Your Hot Tub

  1. Add 2 Mineraluxe cubes for tubs up to 2000 litres (if your hot tub is larger than 2000L, add 1 cube per 1000). Drop these cubes into the skimmer basket or filter compartment and activate your high-speed pump.
  2. Immediately open 1 pouch of Mineraluxe Oxygen and sprinkle across the surface of the water (1 pouch per 1500L). Ensure both the high-speed pump is operating and that you leave the tub cover off for at least 15 minutes. Watch with satisfaction as all those impurities are gassed off.
  3. Balance your water's total alkalinity, pH, and calcium hardness to the acceptable range.
  4. Maintain bromine or chlorine level consistency at 3-5 ppm. Ensure your floater is topped up with bromine or chlorine tablets.

Maintain Your Hot Tub

After the switch over to Mineraluxe, it is important that you keep up-to-date with maintenance. It is a tri-part system meant to sanitize, stabilize, and condition your hot tub's water. Regular and proper maintenance mean that this system will work the way it is meant to: An elite and healthy cleaning system that improves your health, and your hot tub's health for years to come.
  1. Add 1 Mineraluxe cube per 2000 litres (to the skimmer basket or the bottom of the hot tub) and 1 pouch of Mineraluxe Oxygen per 1500L. Crank up your high-speed jets and take the hot tub cover off. Leave to bubble for at least 15 minutes.
  2. Maintain bromine/chlorine level of 3-5 ppm, Health Canada's recommended level. Ensure your floater is topped up with bromine or chlorine tablets.
  3. Maintain water pH level between 7.4 and 7.6.
  4. Rinse your filter cartridge once per week with water.
  5. Deep clean the cartridge once per month with Mineraluxe Filter Revive.
This may seem like a lot of information, and it may even seem like a bit of a persnickety system. Mineraluxe will be worth the few extra maintenance steps, and the slightly increased cost, because the overall health of both your hot tub and yourself, will be that much greater. No more breathing in and soaking in chemical soup - just more healthy and happy skin, lungs - and a greater peace of mind. What our customers are saying:
Our hot tub water used to look dirty no matter how much we tried to maintain it....as soon as we changed to Mineraluxe, our water has stayed crystal clean. ..Mineraluxe has been amazing for us and we recommend it to anyone who has a hot tub. Thank you again Backyard Leisure for carrying such a fantastic product.- Barry & Marilyn
After switching to Mineraluxe our water quality improved so much that we felt like we were in new water through all the five months. Thank you! - Donna
We use the Mineraluxe system...super easy to keep the tub maintained. - Laura
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